Outreach Updates & First Board of Directors Meeting

Written on11/9/2020

Hey Readers!

Since the beginning of quarantine, the Outreach subteam has been working diligently to raise money, get in contact with new companies, and most recently host a Board of Directors! We were able to hold two new programs, the first being Caelus Computing where we tutored kids in elementary, middle, and high school in computer science, math, science, and more! We also held a Rocketry introductory and advanced camp to teach others more about the propulsion and engineering aspects of Caelus.

Over the last month, Outreach has been trying to form a Board of Directors, or a group of professional members who can advise, fundraise, and help our team even further. On November 5th, 2020, we held our first meeting where we were able to meet them virtually for the first time! We discussed Project Caelus’ mission and engineering logistics, ways to increase our fundraising abilities, and played some fun ice-breaker games! As of now, we plan to hold monthly meetings with our board and additional meetings for individual subsystems. We are super excited to have had our first meeting and getting to talk with them more!

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