Future for Propulsion and Programming Team

Written on11/21/2020

What’s next for the propulsion team?

Now that we’ve completed the ethanol cold flow test, the propulsion team is working towards the nitrous cold flow test and the static fire test. Our current goal is to have the nitrous cold flow test and integrated double-tower cold flow test by winter break and have our static fire test mid-May/early June. We’ve also been recruiting new members for all the subteams and have recruited 7 new propulsion team members who we are overjoyed to begin working alongside with.

In terms of shorter progress, we’re hoping to get more funding within the next month or so which will allow us to buy all our valves, tanks, and other materials for the next cold flow tests. Until then, we’re doing more research into the integrated cold flow, the nitrous cold flow, extra parts shopping, and beginning the research process for the static fire test.

What's next for the programming team?

A few weeks ago, the programming team welcomed six new programming members! We are so excited to have all of these talented individuals help us achieve our goals of launching our rocket into space by 2022! At the moment, the programming team is working on training the new members and testing out the code with the system using hydro testing to increase the pressure in the pipes.

Future plans include implementing load cells, new communication systems, and converting our software from Python to C++. Shown below is our launch box, which will be upgraded when we implement a PCB (printed circuit board) to fix all the messy wires.

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