Propulsion Cold Flow Update - Test Stand

Written on11/14/2020

Propulsion Cold Flow Update - Test Stand

How do all the parts fit together?

Now that we’ve walked through all the parts of the cold flow test, it’s time to talk a little more about how they actually fit together.

The main (physical) part of each cold flow test is the stand, which is made of 8020 beams. Attached to this tower are two metal plates, one higher and one lower. On these plates, we use clamps to attach the piping and valve system. The two plates are separated a bit to make room for the ethanol/nitrous tank, which sits inside the 8020 tower and attaches to the piping on the top and bottom plates. Behind the test stand, we have our Nitrogen K-bottle, which attaches to the piping on the top plate.

In order to protect ourselves from possible failures as well as provide support to the test stand, we stacked a bunch of cinder blocks and put them behind the K-bottle and built a cinder block wall shield in front of the test stand. Below is a full CAD rendering of the entire test stand, although is a little outdated in terms of the placement of the cinder blocks.

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